FPSO Forum:   27th of May, 2020
FPSO JIP Week:   25-29 May, 2020
Hosted by:   MARIN
Contact local organizer:   Olaf Waals via Offshore@marin.nl
Venue:   SS Rotterdam
 3e Katendrechtsehoofd 25
 3072 AM Rotterdam
 The Netherlands


Wednesday FPSO Research Forum  The future of Ocean Energy & Shipping 150 Open Forum
  1. Kick-offs & Open Meetings are open for potential participants.
  2. All other JIP meetings are restricted to participants; if you want to join as a non-participant please contact the JIP Manager.
  3. For registration for JIP meetings and Forum: www.fpsoforum.com
  4. The registration fee for the JIP meetings (lunch, coffees) and Forum day is EUR 125,-
  5. Payments through www.fpsoforum.com; at the end of the registration you will be linked to the payment page directly.
  6. Please make your hotel reservation by visiting the Venue and Travel page on our FPSO website.
  7. Questions concerning domestic organization please contact Offshore@marin.nl.
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