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FPSO Forum: 16 October, 2019
FPSO JIP Week: 14-18 October, 2019
Hosted by: TechnipFMC Genesis
Contacts Local Organizer:

Hotel ZaZa
Houston Memorial City
9787 Katy Freeway
Houston, TX 77024



09.00-17.00 LifeLine Pieter Aalberts MARIN 30 Participants only
09.00-17.00 4-D Fatigue Paula van Lieshout TU-Delft 15 Participants only
13.30-17.00 HiTeAM Bart Scheeren TU-Delft 15 Participants only
09.00-12.30 Mooring Systems Future Jean Pierre Sauvage BV 15 Open meeting
13.30-17.00 Offloading Operations Arjan Voogt  MARIN  15 open workshop
09.00-17.00 Greenwater Flavia Rezende/ Qing Yu/ Arjan Voogt ABS/BV  25 Participants only
09.00-12.30 Screen Saloni Palkar  TU-Delft  12 Participants only
09.00-17.00 Mooring Integrity meeting Arun Duggal SOFEC 120 Open meeting
13.30-17.00 CrackGuard III Olivier Baas TU-Delft 15 Participants only 
09.00-12.30 FloGas Danny Constantinis EM&I 10 Kickoff meeting 
17.30-18.30 JIP Managers Meeting Olaf Waals MARIN 20 JIP Managers, Organizers, Chairman
Wednesday FPSO Research Forum Digitalization: The Transition is Now    150 Open Forum
09.00-17.00 MONITAS User Group  Pieter Aalberts  MARIN 30 Participants only
09.00-12.30 MCA-Mooring Comp. III Jean Pierre Sauvage BV  15 Open meeting
09.00-17.00 Strengthbond Luc Mouton BV 15 Morning open session/afternoon participants only
09.00-12.30 HAWAIII Frederick Jauoen MARIN 20 Open meeting
09.00-12.30 ComMotion Joop Helder Marin 15 Close Out
13.30-15.00 ComFLOW User Group Joop Helder MARIN 15 Open Meeting
15.30-17.00 Breakin CFD JIP Jule Scharnke MARIN 15 Open Meeting
09.00-17.00 HITS 5 Danny Constantinis EM&I 30 Participants only 
09:00-17:00 Reproducible Offshore CFD JIP Jang Whan Kim TechnipFMC 25 Open 1st hour, then participants only
09:00-17:00 SquallMoor Phase 2 Siril Okkenhaug DNV GL 20 Participants only 


  1. Kick-offs & Open Meetings are open for potential participants.
  2. All other JIP meetings are restricted to participants; if you want to join as a non-participant please contact the JIP Manager.
  3. For registration for JIP meetings and Forum:
  4. The registration fee for the JIP meetings (lunch, coffees) and Forum day is EUR 125,-
  5. Payments through; at the end of the registration you will be linked to RegOnline for payment. 
  6. Please make your hotel reservation by visiting the Venue and Travel page on our FPSO website.
  7. Questions concerning domestic organization please contact