FPSO/Blue Forum:  Wednesday 15th of June, 2022
FPSO/Blue Forum theme: Floating Energy Production-Storage-Supply for Sustainable Shipping .
FPSO JIP meetings:  To be organized by JIP Managers, timeslots in schedule are all in Central European  Time (CET), (if any questions please contact them or if needed via Offshore@marin.nl)
Local hosts Olaf Waals & Guilhem Gaillarde (MARIN) 
Scroll down (after FPSO JIP meeting schedule) to view the combined BlueWeek & FPSO week schedule.
For more information on the BlueWeek or tickets for the BlueWeek program visit: www.blueforum.org

FPSO JIP week: 
13-17 June, 2022
Monday, 13th of June 2022
Time JIP Contact Company Participants
13.30-17.00 LifeLine Pieter Aalberts MARIN 25 Participants only
09.00-12.00 MoniMoor Pieter Aalberts MARIN 25 Kickoff meeting
13.30-17.00 HiTeAM Bart Scheeren TU-Delft 20 Participants only
03.30-17.00 Greenwater Guilhaume/ Qing Yu/ Arjan Voogt ABS/BV 15 Participants only
09:00-17.00 HITS 8 Danny Constantinis EM&I 20 Participants only
Tuesday, 14th of June, 2022
09:00-13:30 DONUT JIP Filippo Riccioli TUDelft 15 Participants only
09:00-17.00 MONITAS User Group Pieter Aalberts MARIN 25 Participants only
13.30-17.00 Strengthbond Maxime Deydier BV 15 Participants only
09:00-17.00 HAWAIII Frederick Jaouën MARIN 25 Open meeting
09.00-13.30 ComFLOW User Group Joop Helder MARIN Participants only
13.30-17.00 Breakin CFD JIP Jule Scharnke MARIN Participants only
13.30-17.00 Green FPSO Jaap de Wilde MARIN Open meeting
17.30-18.30 JIP Managers Meeting Olaf Waals MARIN 10 JIP Managers, Organizers, Chairman
Wednesday, 15th of June, 2022 BLUE / FPSO Research Forum Olaf Waals & Guilhem Gaillarde MARIN Open meeting
Thursday, 16th of June, 2022
09:00-17:00 Mooring Integrity User group Meeting & Ocean Energy Meeting: Mooring systems for Offshore Energy
Click here for the Mooring Integrity User Group Meeting Agenda
Arun Duggal & Erik-Jan de Ridder SOFEC & MARIN 45 Open meeting
Friday, 17th of June, 2022
09.00-17.00 The Future North Sea – A Balanced Powerhouse
Program Blueweek – MARIN – CoP Noordzee – TKI Wind op Zee final
A joint initiative from: Blue Life & Ocean Energy seminar, Community of Practice North Sea and TKI Wind op Zee 100 Open meeting with 3 sessions
  1. Kick-offs & Open Meetings are open for potential participants.
  2. All other JIP meetings are restricted to participants; if you want to join as a non-participant please contact the JIP Manager.

Combined overview of Blue Week and FPSO week program

Tickets for members only meetings linked with Blue Forum can be booked via Blueforum.org (or click on the schedule).

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