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Current Joint Industry Projects


MONITAS User Group
Intelligent Structural Health of FPSO’s
Further info: Website
Contact: Pieter Aalberts

MCA-Mooring Components II
Address the structural integrity of mooring components through an Engineering Critical Assessment methodology
Further info: Brochure
Contact: Jean Pierre Sauvage

Overpassing the technical limitations for the qualification of offshore bonded repairs to facilitate maintenance of offshore units
Further info:Leaflet
Contact: Luc Mouton

Offloading Operations
Further info: Leaflet
Contact: Arjan Voogt

Precompetitive R&D of affordable system for monitoring detected and allowable fatigue cracks in ship and offshore structures
Further info: Leaflet
Contact: Menno van der Horst

Reproducible Offshore CFD JIP
Further info: xxx
Contact: Jang Whan Kim

Dry mooring line monitoring for floating production systems
Further info: Brochure
Contact: Pieter Aalberts

Assessment of multiaxial fatigue in welded joints under non-proportional, variable amplitude loading
Further info: Website
Contact: Paula van Lieshout

Computational methods for moving and deforming objects in extreme waves
Further info: Leaflet
Contact: Joop Helder or Tim Bunnik

The HITS JIP is an international initiative targeted at improving the way the oil and gas industry manages the integrity of marine structures such as FPSOs, drillships, FSRUs, FLNGs, accomodation barges and other floating offshore assets.
Further info: website
Contact: Danny Constantinus

Green Water
Further info: Leaflet
Contact: Flavia Rezende, Qing Yu or Arjan Voogt

Increasing the fatigue resistance confidence for Steel Catenary Risers, by mean of adequate fatigue testing and modelling
Further info: xxx
Contact: Saloni Palkar