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Current Joint Industry Projects


Dry mooring line monitoring for floating production systems
Further info: Brochure
Contact: Pieter Aalberts

Assessment of multiaxial fatigue in welded joints under non-proportional, variable amplitude loading
Further info: Website
Contact: Paula van Lieshout

Wave impact loading on offshore structures due to BREAKing waves and their KINematics
Further info: Leaflet
Contact: Jule Scharnke

Further info: xxx
Contact: Judy Burdett or Danny Constantinis

Green Water
Further info: Leaflet
Contact: Flavia Rezende, Qing Yu or Arjan Voogt

Local Mooring Chain Corrosion
Further info:xxx
Contact: Martijn Hoogeland

MCA-Mooring Components II
Address the structural integrity of mooring components through an Engineering Critical Assessment methodology
Further info: Brochure
Contact: Jean Pierre Sauvage

Precompetitive R&D of affordable system for monitoring detected and allowable fatigue cracks in ship and offshore structures
Further info: Leaflet
Contact: Menno van der Horst

MONITAS User Group
Intelligent Structural Health of FPSO’s
Further info: Website
Contact: Pieter Aalberts

Offloading Operations
Further info: Leaflet
Contact: Arjan Voogt

Computational methods for moving and deforming objects in extreme waves
Further info: Leaflet
Contact: Joop Helder or Tim Bunnik